Exclusive for North York Knights House League & Select Players

Player development is the key to long-term success & enjoyment in hockey.  The North York Knights Hockey Association (“Knights”) is excited to offer two skills training programs exclusively for our House League and Select players to accelerate their development – regardless of their current skill level.  There will be one program for Skaters & one for Goalies – both will have 8 sessions in each of the Fall & Winter seasons.

Skater Skills Program

The Knights are pleased to have partnered with Hockey Extreme to deliver our Skater Skills Program – consistent with the delivery of their regular commercial program.  The program will have three main focus areas: Power Skating, Shooting & Puck Control.  There will be two skills sessions each weekend at Oriole arena: Tyke & Novice from 11am-12pm and Atom & Peewee from 12pm-1pm.  The Knights are pleased to offer this program at a subsidized cost of $170 for the 8 session program – half price when compared to similarly offered commercial programs.

Dates for Skills Training (all Saturdays)

October 14, 21, 28; November 4, 11, 18, 25; December 2

Skater Skills Program – Core Elements

Power skating Shooting Puck Control
·         Forward stride

·         Backwards skating

·         Cross over’s forward and backwards

·         Pivoting

·         Acceleration forward and backwards

·         Two skate stops using both inside & outside edges

·         Balance on inside, flat and outside edges

·         Wrist shot

·         Snap shot

·         Backhand shot

·         Flip shot

·         Improving accuracy, power and proper release technique

·         Slap shot*


·         Stick handling

·         Sweep pass and receiving

·         Saucer pass

·         Deke 1-2-3 move & more

·         Toe drag*

·         Backhand drag*


* More advanced content will be covered in the Atom & Peewee sessions

Goalie Skills Program

The Knights are pleased to partner with eGoalie for a second year to deliver our Goalie Skills Program.  The program is focused on building the skills & confidence of players who will be in nets the upcoming weekend for their House League team.  The program will focus on core goaltending skills including stance, positioning, rebound control and recovery techniques.

Goalie Skills Program – Sample Weekly Practice Plan

Activity Group / Station Time
Introductions, stretching and review ready stance Group 5 min
Skating and edge work basics Skill Station #1 10 min
Positioning and recovery Skill Station #2 10 min
Low shots and rebound control Skill Station #3 10 min
High shots and rebound control Skill Station #4 10 min
Group game / challenge (time permitting) Group 5 min


Registration & Questions

Registration for the Skater Skills Program will be offered on a first come first serve basis to a maximum of 30 skaters per session through the Knights website at the following link.  The Knights reserve the right to realign the player skill cut-off between the two sessions for the Skater Skills Program based on actual registrations.  Registration for the Goalie Skills Program will be coordinated by our House League coaches each week on a first come first serve basis to a maximum of 12 goalies.  Please email with any questions about these programs.